Handing in your notice

Resigning from your job

Prepare – stay composed – keep the message simple – remain professional

So you’ve decided to hand in your notice. Not always, but often it can be an uncomfortable conversation and we can dread having the meeting with our Manager. It’s good to prepare in advance, write down a few key points that you want to get across, and prepare yourself to answer any questions that your Manager may have.


  • Focus. Remember the purpose of the meeting is to respectfully explain your decision to resign.
  • Be clear with your Manager that your decision has not been taken lightly, however it is final.
  • In the unlikely event your Manager makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to utilise the HR team if you will find this easier.
  • Be prepared for a counter-offer, future promises of change. Prepare for how you will feel if they offer you more money, a different role etc. Just make sure your decisions are driven by the right motivations.

First step – arrange the meeting It’s a good idea to request a private meeting with your Manager. Make sure it’s at a good time, ideally first thing in the morning so you aren’t nervous for the day ahead.
During the meeting

  • Thank your Manager for the meeting and be genuine. Explain you would like to formally hand in your notice and will follow up the meeting with written confirmation.
  • No matter what the situation, it’s always better to try to remain professional throughout the meeting. Try to avoid angrily complaining about the company in general, or to criticise individuals.
  • Try to be positive, diplomatic and give constructive feedback which will enable the Manager/Company to utilise your feedback and enhance processes or the role in the future. E.g. lack of training, working hours etc.
  • Confirm your notice period and last working day.
  • Explain that you are still going to work hard during your notice and will do everything to ensure a smooth handover.

Things to remember/consider

  • Your resignation may come as a surprise to your boss and they may be emotional – whether it’s sadness, angry, shock. Be prepared and keep your composure.
  • Remember – handing in your notice does not make you disloyal. You are entitled to improve your personal circumstances and if leaving the company will make you happier, it’s the right decision. It’s also an opportunity for the company to recruit someone who might be better suited for the role.
  • The company/team may have to adjust to you leaving, but no team is reliant just on one person – they will be ok.

Once you’ve formally handed in your notice, you’ll feel a huge sense of relief. Stay positive, helpful and work with your Manager to ensure a smooth handover from the business.
Good Luck and focus your energy on your new position!

Below you will find a template resignation letter that may assist you.

Dear (Insert Manager Name)

Please take this letter as confirmation that I would like to resign from my position of (Insert Job Title) and as per my contract my notice period is (insert term e.g. 4 weeks). Therefore, my final working day will be (insert date).

This decision has not been easy to make however after careful consideration I am certain it is the right decision for me personally. I have enjoyed my time at the company I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.

I will of course be continuing to work at a high standard throughout my notice period and intend to support my team with a smooth handover.

I wish you and every success in the future and thank you for the opportunities I have been given during my time here.

Yours sincerely

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