Make sure your agency is providing the best candidate experience

Make sure your agency is providing the best candidate experience

Clients, make sure your agency is providing the best candidate experience whilst they are representing your brand.

Having worked internally as an In-house Recruitment Manager for the past 6 years, I’ve always maintained strong relationships with a small number of external agencies. Unfortunately, many agencies when working on a role, forget that they are actually acting as an extension of the HR/Recruitment team for their client. This means that many candidates do not get the candidate experience that is reflective of the client that they are interviewing with.

A candidate’s experience with a recruiter, is usually the first interaction that they have with a prospective employer. After taking the time to apply for the role, a candidate often gets a call from a Recruiter and then unfortunately more often than not doesn’t hear back from the agency unless they are being progressed through the process. I want to ensure that our candidates walk away with the best impression of us, and also our clients. I am mindful that we are representing your company and role, and it’s my aim to give the candidate an honest overview of the position, but also sell your company as best as I can.

As an extension of your HR/TA team, I am passionate about your company, the role that you are hiring for and the interview process. I aim to ensure the candidate has a clear overview of the timeframe and necessary steps. If I promise a call at 8.30am, I call at 8.30am – simple! I always give timely feedback, advice and guidance to my candidates throughout the recruitment process.

With so many channels for negative reviews, e.g. Glassdoor, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, Employers need to be providing a better recruitment experience than their competitors. Please just ensure that your external recruitment agencies are delivering on their promises, and are representing your business as if they worked there directly!

Roberts Webb Recruitment truly ensure that your business is at the forefront of our service. Please get in touch if there are any vacancies or recruitment projects that we can support you with!

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