March 2019. Roberts Webb Recruitment has been launched!

March 2019. Roberts Webb Recruitment has been launched!

Thanks so much for clicking on the link and taking the time to read my Blog. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself, my career to date and tell you more about the services I’ll be offering from now on!

My name is Nicola Webb and I am the Managing Director of Roberts Webb Recruitment Ltd. With experience spanning over 10 years, my love for recruitment began when I graduated from University and started working as a Trainee Recruiter for a family run recruitment agency in the North West. Although I initially felt like a rabbit in a headlight when asked to pick up the phone and ‘cold call’, I slowly found my feet and started to enjoy the challenging yet rewarding role of being a Recruiter. I was fortunate that I had joined a reputable agency where I received excellent training and guidance. Unfortunately, you hear so many horror stories of agencies and how they treat their employees that it’s enough to put a few people off the industry!!

For four years I continued to work for large, national agencies with a wide variety of clients and roles to recruit for. In 2013 I took the opportunity to steer my career into a new direction and I moved in-house to work for a rapidly expanding professional services business (cue stereotypical agency recruiters saying it’s taking the easy option…. Or this is the graveyard where failed agency recruiters go… haha). Let me tell you, in-house recruitment is no walk in the park. You still have the targets (albeit they aren’t necessarily sales driven but a target is a target after all), you still have to source candidates, manage the recruitment process and most importantly build relationships. Inhouse recruiters cannot hide behind an email or a phone from a hiring manager as they can usually just walk up to your desk and ask for an update there and then!! One thing I enjoyed about inhouse recruiting is the ability to see a new hire join your company, follow their progress and see them enjoying their new job. You witness first-hand the impact of ‘hiring the wrong person’ and how this can have a detrimental effect on the rest of the team and ultimately the bottom line.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2015, and I had been approached by a Global RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing company) to join their team and work onsite for two of the top 45 Law Firms (DWF and Weightmans). Legal recruitment was a totally different kettle of fish! I gained an understanding of the differences in Law firms, areas of law, and even kept up to date with legislation changes! I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working with different Partners/teams and I managed to continually learn and develop myself professionally. I was used to recruiting for a Junior role one day, and a Director role the next; two days were never the same.

After a couple of years in the Legal Industry, a fantastic international opportunity was presented to me and I grabbed the challenge with both hands. It’s not often a role arises where you get the opportunity to have a ‘blank canvas’ role, covering EMEA, managing a small team and personally recruiting for Nuclear Fuel Rod Designers (I know, where on earth do you start to look for one of those?! Haha). In this role I managed recruitment across EMEA and really gained a solid understanding of recruitment processes, candidate markets, cultural differences and so on. Totally fascinating, and each role/country with their own challenges.

Unfortunately, due to a European recruitment freeze, my role came to an end and this lead me to my most recent role working for a fantastic Medical Devices company where again, I have been responsible for the recruitment activity across EMEA for largely the Services/Corporate and Manufacturing divisions.

So here we are; the present day!

I’ve always wanted the opportunity to start my own business but until recently, I’ve not felt the time was right for me personally. However, now the time is absolutely right for me, and I’m delighted to be sitting here, writing this blog and able to offer my experience to support businesses and job seekers. Although the recruitment industry seems saturated, you’ll struggle to find a Recruiter who has had the pleasure of working for agency, in-house, RPO and can now use this experience to have a holistic view of recruitment. I don’t just match job descriptions to cv’s, I look further into the future, and ensure that it’s going to be the right long-term solution for a client, or the candidate.  Roberts Webb Recruitment has given me the chance to consolidate my experience and provides me with the platform to really deliver on my promises to clients and candidates. For a full range of services, please check out my website in more detail

I am SO excited to get going and I look forward to hopefully working with you.

Thanks for reading, have a great day and Happy Recruiting!





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